FEMEN activists – Topless Protest at old Cemetery, Kiev

As an economist, I watch the Econmy News (any recovery? some new Yahoo Jobless numbers?), as an Adult Webmaster I try Xbiz and some forums, as a person, I try the International & Politics….and as a Sex Addict I LOOVEEE the Sex News…:D

These days I’ve read about FEMEN, the Ukranian activists ladies who are protesting TOPLESS agains the Evil: sexism, sex tourism and other social ills. They show breasts to embassies in Kiev (Have I told you that my dream was to become an embassador???), on the streets, and even in the cemeteries (Have a look how…deadly they…are!!!!)…

As you can see, AdultWebmasterBIBLE supports Ukrainian FEMEN activists by letting now the WWW about their “sexy fight” against Bad. I’m curious if one day any of the FEMEN ladies will return the favor by advertising AWBible…….

Any activist from FEMEN to help us???

Any activist from FEMEN to help us???

PS. Go visit Ukrain and let yourself conquered by its……tourist attractions (like Architecture, History, Food, etc…don’t think about …other things!)!!!

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