Adult Webmaster Bible Interviews

When I started to write Adult Webmaster Bible, I knew that it can be “The Bible” (or at least “one of the Bibles”) as long as it is a Live Project which continuously improves by learning from the main Adult Industry actors like business owners, Affiliate Managers, Webmasters, Webcam models, Traffic providers, Webdesign companies, Headhunters, Porn stars, Porn consumers & AWB buyers.

My ebooks were promoted by internet, mainly through specialised forums & professional social networks, as well as by offline events like: international fairs, summits, erotic salons, webmasters gatherings, conferences, adult awards, etc. That helped me to meet in person many of the members from the Affiliate program teams that I was promoting and making money, some of the webmasters well known on the Adult Forums, some of the biggest traffic traders, lots of Xbiz nominees & awards winners, porn stars, etc.

We’ve introduced our businesses to each other by speed networkings sessions, seminars, on the hotel lobbies, having a meal on a restaurant, going to discos or a beer in a terace.

I’ve considered that a very helpful tool for my customers, business partners & the Adult Industry as a whole, will be a series of Interviews where anybody involved can answer THE BASIC QUESTIONS about Making Money Online with Adult Entertainment:

1. What do you offer to the Adult Industry?

2. Which are the main trends & most profitable niches?

3. How to make money by internet with Adult Industry as a Webmaster (beginner or advanced), traffic trader, webcam model, studio, design company, payment service provider, etc???

4. Which are the best affiliate programs for earning money?

5. Which traffic resources you recommend?

6. Which are the best learning resources for Webmasters? Are ebooks necesary? What do you think about Adult Webmaster Bible? Which are the best ebooks for Adult Webmasters?

I’ve written just a few main questions, but to anybody interested, the interview can be longer & we can go…deeper ūüôā Interested in answering some special questions? No problem, I am open to realise the most flexible & complete Adult Interview that you ever gave (or read).

Persons I search to interview:

– Affiliate program Managers or team members;
We introduce your program that I’ll promote it as your affiliate, we talk about traffic resources, learning materials, examples of successful affiliates, etc. If you have a Recommended Webmaster resources, will be HIGHLY appreciated if you will place a Banner/Link to Adult Webmaster Bible, which can be done also as my affiliate (I offer 50% on sales & 10 webmaster referral).

– Webmasters
Do you run your Adult Empire through your Network Sites? Are you a big star on the Adult Forums? Wanna share some tricks & tips for newbies & advanced webmasters? recommend some affiliate programs or traffic traders? We can split the affiliate links in 50% / 50%, and I can even subscribe through your webmaster referral links to some programs that I don’t yet promote! ūüėČ

– Paid & Free Traffic traders
Interested especially in those traffic traders that own an affiliate program.

– Adult Forums Administrators & Social Networks for Adult Professionals Owners.
Did I mention I have a 10% Webmaster referral? ūüôā

– Adult, Webmasters magazines & newspapers
You take me an interview, or I take one to you? Or maybe we can do both! ūüėÄ

– Payments providers.
What do you offer? Why are you better? Which are your commissions?

– Porn stars.
Do you run an affiliate program? Would you be interested to monetize your Porn Stars coleagues traffic by promoting to them the Adult Webmaster Bible, getting a 50% from any sale? Do you have a blog? Twitter?

– Adult bloggers.
You make money by blogging about Adult? Why not teaching your readers, how they can also do it, with a post about Adult Webmaster Bible & my affiliate link.

– Webcam Models, Sites & Studios.
Are you a Webcam star? What sites you used? Which sites made you more money? Some tricks & tips for newbies & experienced web models?

– Amateurs & Internet porn stars.
Are you working hard (porn) to try to make a decent buck online by selling your shows, videos, pictures or lingerie? Tell us about your experience and be seen by lots of Recruiters, Producers or Service providers that can help you. Make some pictures & videos with Adult Webmaster Bible written on your boobs or ass and wake up ….every male’s …interest!!!

– Sex bombs on media or just internet.
Are those kind of ladies who are not necessary into Porn or making money by Internet, but it happens to be well known by the media, especially because they “lost” or “got stolen” a “sex tape”…or a few…periodically! ūüėČ I guess if I get Paris Hilton interviewed here (or even less known blondes, who maybe are better looking than her!), the interview will be read also by those who will blame me that these kind of informations “have nothing to do with Adult make money online”…A set of (sexy) pictures, or even a video, can help, too…:)

– other Services providers.
Have I missed to mention any category? For sure, so just let me know who you are and how we can promote each other to the Adult Industry Universe!

How the interviews are made?

Some, Live, on video and shared through main video sharing sites, and others through email.

Where this interviews appear, how much does it cost & what earns the person iterviewed?

This interviews are taken for FREE and they will offer FREE Exposure and/or Traffic for the persons interviewed & their sites on these platforms:

– as a Bonus ebook, to the customers of my main ebook Adult Webmaster Bible;

– as a post on my Blog www.jobs4adults.com/blog, like a teaser or full interview;

– on my Sale Page (as small picture + site url ) if they like and want to recommend my ebooks;

– through my Sponsors & Traffic Lists if they are Affiliate programs or traffic provider;

– my email marketing lists;

– through posts on main Adult Forums & Professional social networks, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc!

– on the adult events where I take part I offer my ebooks (or some of them) for FREE to the participants (webmasters, recruiters, adult magazines, service providers, etc.)


The Barcelona Summit: September 2010 & News for February 2011

With every edition, The Barcelona Summit proves that it’s one of the top events for the Adult Industry in Europe (maybe the biggest and most important), which can bring together lots of the major players from all over the world!

There are many things I’ve enjoyed at the Summit from September 2010:

– lots of fun!

I love the party atmosphere from this Adult Industry conference: everybody is relaxed, smiling, no pushy sellers, no tensed business negociations, people are having fun, having a drink, enjoying a meal together, go to discos, dance…and, between all of these, free discussions about: What do you like in Adult Industry? What new ideas you have to increase the indutry revenues? and last, but not least: “By the way, what’s your line of business?” ūüôā

– lots of business contacts, seminars & new ideas!

It was so nice to meet again some of the people I’ve met before at other Adult Business events.It’s nice to see that people remember your name & business. With some we’ve managed to know each other better and also saw many new names (new for me, or even new in the business). Very good is that at this event you can learn a lot from different persons. I’ve done my best to participate in almost all Seminars (I’m highly interested in those about Paid traffic & SEO) & Speed Networking, so I can learn about all the participants & companies, what services & products they offer, how can I joint venture with them and which are the latest trends. I’m a Romanian and I’m so happy every time I meet other Romanians at this events, because normally you see lots of Germans, British, French, Dutch & Americans. Some of the Romanians were with businesses in Payments, other with Webcams sites & studios, and even met 2 Romanian webmasters which were well known by the AWE team for their sales.

– amazing hotel & location!

Very good Hotel to host the venue: Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa. We were near the sea, so we’ve enjoyed the Mediteranean life style, including food, drinks (wine Sangre de toro & sangria), good music and…LA FIESTAAAA….:)

– AWESOME weather;

We hanged out a lot on the teraces of the hotel and of the bars & restaurants around, eating tapas, food sea & drinking sangria or tequila.

Many thanks to JFK from FubarWebmasters, to Lloyd from PimpsPromo and to MikeB from AdultWebLife for making me so many fotos and uploading them on their highly known sites!

The Barcelona Summit from September 2010, was again as every edition: FABULOUS!!!! BEYOUND WORDS!!!! A must be for any person involved in Adult Industry: companies, models, affiliates, webmasters, newbies & professionals!

Looking forward to attending the Summit from 18-21 February 2011, where, beside new surprises from Andreas Bischoff & Walter,  one of the best improvement is to invite lots of Affiliates РWebmasters, who can enter for FREE!!!


Hope to see again all the participants & to meet new names, learn new things, having fun and make lots of business!


Lindsay Lohan – to be or not to be Linda Lovelace.

Rumours said these days that Lindsay Lohan could play in the movie Inferno or Lovelace, about Linda Lovelace – the first big porn star known wide world, especially for “Deep Throat” (1972).

Honestly, I was never a big¬†fan of Lindsay (she always seemed to me more into the Scandal Biz, than into “Something to say”), although I like Kate Moss that some say she was trying to copy.

As far as I read the Hollywood gossips, Lindsay was on reabilitation, after some jail sentence (for driving stoned?)…Well, there’s not a better way to purify your image than to do¬†a …Porn movie!

So…Good luck, Lindsy! And…Good Fuck!!!!


From Jobs4Adults.com to AdultWebmasterBIBLE.com

When I started my project with the ebook about “How to make money online, working from home,¬†with the Adult Industry” I was searching for a site name which to best describe what I do…I thought of combinations with “HowToSellPorn.com” or “Make-Money-With-Porn.com” but I didn’t agree, because earning money on internet from home with Adult Industry is much-much larger than¬†creating or promoting-selling¬†Porn (Ex. Nonadult webcam shows or Sexual Education, are Adult oriented without being Porn).¬†

Later on it came to me the idea of “BusinessForAdults.com”, but the word JOBS seemed more credible for at least 2 reasons:

– in times of Crisis when unemployment grows, people search for JOBS;

– also in Good Times, people seek for Jobs, more than they think about starting a Business. As I write in my ebook, it seems that we are born and educated in a society with “Worker Mentality”¬†and little as¬†“Entrepreneur”. Finding a Job is considered Realistic, while creating a Business is for “Dreamers”. Beside that “there’s no worse time to start a business than in times of Crisis”! ūüôā

I considered it “more than honest” to CHEAT my customers (Don’t forget that I’m Eastern European…)¬†that I’ll help them find “work on Internet”, but in the end to offer them¬†much more than¬†Jobs: their own Business! It’s one of the most important lessons that I’ve learnt from one of the greatest Internet Marketing Guru: To Over-Deliver (exceed your customers’ expectations by giving them more than what your business promises)!

All nice & sweet, only that when I introduced Jobs4Adults.com to the Adult Industry, everybody was thinking that I’m into Human Resources / Recruiting¬†business, which I was not! So I thought that I should clarify it by labeling it “Adult Webmaster Ebook”. In my early searches for a GOOD or THE BEST ebook for Adult Webmasters, I couldn’t find one credible enough, complete¬†& highly recommended by the Industry Players, so I¬†believed that there was time for the Adult Webmaster Bible to be born!

So, I promote the same product in 2 different ways:

– for the Mainstream I am Jobs4Adults.com – How to make money working from home on Internet with Adult Industry;

– for the Adult Industry I am “Adult Webmaster Bible”, where I target more than just the Webmasters, because in these days, more and more Porn Actors & Actresses become their own Internet Promoter/Webmasters. Beside that, many exhibitionists or hobby bloggers can learn how to easily “make some buck while they fuck”, combining Pleasure with Money,without being effectively Adult Webmasters.

For Sinners Only! In Adult We Trust! Learn the prayers and see your earnings going up to the Holly Sky! The Adult Webmaster Bible ...there is only ONE! From now on, you don't need to ask God for cash, we'll teach you how to get it EASY! ;)

Is PlayBoy dead? Beth Williams & Eva Cifrov√° remind me why I got into Porn

The home made porn movies, are a threat for the “old” Adult Industry…But movies like these that I’ve found the other days on PlayBoy UK, are pretty difficult to realise @ home:



Amazing! Amazing!! Amazing!!!

I’ve heard that AdultFriendFinder wants to buy Playboy these days…So it seems that the Internet Players set the rules for the “Offline Classic Businesses”…:)


Middle Men Movie – The guys who brought the XXX to the WWW

Back in 1995, many owned a VCR, music was still sold through stores, and the world-wide-web was a new funny discovery. Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) had the perfect life: a nice family and a successful business fixing problem companies. Then he met Wayne Beering (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Gabriel Macht), two genius but trouble makers, who had invented the way adult entertainment is sold over the internet. When Jack agrees to help steer their business, he soon finds himself caught between a 23 year-old porn star and the FBI all the while becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of his time.

As I said also in the comment left on the official video trailer: The next big hit movie will be about the Affiliates who started small businesses from their home (with only a PC & an Internet connection) and transformed them into multi-million WWW Empires!!!

PS…the movie is created by the owner of Epassporte – Christopher Mallick.


See you @ Salon Erotico de Barcelona!

In Barcelona / Cornella, 30 April – 2 May, 2010 we will meet at a new Adult event in Spain:


Beside the business contacts that I want to establish, I will have a short presentacion about Present & Future of Adult Marketing on Internet! ūüėČ


Let’s make the best of it!!!!


The European Adult Industry Summit from Barcelona was a FANTASTIC experience!

Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!!

I had a lot of fun, met a lot of people, made a lot of Industry connections (professionals, webmasters, leaders), learnt¬†A LOT, prelaunched & validated my book “Sexy Marketing & Adult Marketing on Internet”:


I’ve had the chance to introduce my book to many Industry players and I was nicely surprised to see how many found my ideas GREAT! In fact, my first¬†release¬†was entirely validated by the Industry¬†at this European Summit and many participants offered me good reviews for my book (some are on videos, others will¬†appear soon on my selling page). There were so many who wanted to have copies of my book, and even some who wanted to buy it, which confirmed me for another time that I’ve came with a product that the Industry really NEEDS: a book who can offer an overview of the main¬†methods that money are earned by the Adult Businesses on Internet!

But¬†my greatest achievement at this Summit was that after just 3 days of¬†business talks, seminars, meetings, fun & business lunches,¬†I ended up loaded with new ideas for¬†launching new projects, new ways of advertising & I’ve discovered new horizons for the Adult Webmasters world.

 Many thanks for the guys from FubarWebmasters.com & AdultWebLife.com for taking me the pictures and offering me different ways of cooperation:

– 1st day Summit, waiting in the line for the Registration – Victory;

drinks & business with TheAdultCompany.eu;

my camera & ebook CD;

in the disco at the Epoch party, 1st night;

the seminar about Payments; 

network lunch with Awempire.com;

with Harmik Gharepetian (Epoch) & MO (RIVcash);

–¬†with Joan Irvine –¬†CEO of¬†ASACP.org

Nice to see that I appear also in a recently official video uploaded on Youtube. During Harmik Gharepetian’s interview, you can see me on the left speaking with Nick Amoroso from Hustler about my ebook (minute 1:02), and later when Derek Meklir from Playboy¬†shares his impressions about the Summit¬†I was passing in the backside with Joan Irvine (min 3:10).


I’ve¬†recorded myself many parts of the event, one video you can see it¬†already on Youtube, but soon I’ll add all of them (although I’m affraid that YouTube will delete the Adult Webmasters events….and I can lose my work. I’d better try an adult oriented tube!):

Looking forward to see all of the participants again, in Autumn!!!!!!!!!

PS. Thanks to all the organizers, sponsors and special thanks to RIVcash & MO, I really believe we can have more fun & more biz together!!!


PornHub offers Jobs now, not only Adult Entertainment!

At the beginning of “The Crisis” I was reading on Yahoo News that American men who lost their jobs started to spend more time on Adult sites and PornHub registered increased traffic…

Now it seems that Americans are searching also for Jobs on Pornhub, beside the classic Adult Entertainment:


Jobs available at Pornhub are in porn industry, but some surfers are curious also how they can work in the videochat part of the site:  http://www.pornhub.com/model

Life sucks…Fuck the Crisis! ūüôā


Italian VideoChat for Latin Models: Romania, Espana, Italia, France, Portugal, South America

For the Latin Girls or the Videochat Models who speak languages like Romanian, Castellano, Italiano, Francaise, Portuguese, Catalan, one of the best choice for making money from home as Webcam Ladies is the Italian-American site RIVcams/IORIV:

– they have thousands of Italians or Italian speakers customers, so it’s easy for the women to communicate with them, both written and talk. But their traffic is not limied to Italians, in fact they enjoy a wide international Adult Traffic!

– Italians are among the biggest consumers of Videochat services!

– Italians are among the biggest consumers of….beautiful women! :)))

RIVcams/IORIV¬†is the only Videochat site who offers the girls different ways of getting money, beside videochat shows: selling their contacts (email address, mobile number, ID messengers), their pictures, videos or even…intimate lingerie ūüôā

For the Webmasters interested in their Affiliate Program or in Referring Girls as Models, they can access RIVcash:

Revenue share 20% of the sales FOR LIFE!

Model Girls Referral: 10% of their earnings FOR LIFE!

Webmasters Referral: 5% of their earnings FOR LIFE! ūüėČ