My interview in Adult Webmaster Business German magazine

As you’ve (probably) heard (or likely read) on my “platforms”, these days I’ve “officially” launched the Adult Webmaster Bible Interviews, in which I’ve threatened the world that I will (personally) interview all The Big Names that I know (and I’m lucky to know and/or to be known by a few dozens) from the Adult Industry and force them into answering the main question (with some other related to 😉 ):

How to make money online with the Adult Entertainemnt Industry?

My initiative it’s the Answer(s) to some of the people who (still!) doubt that I can be that “Porn Guru” (I do happen to own an evaghelist name!) able to preach to the whole world an Adult Webmaster Bible who will save the nations from Crisis by converting them to Porn (Save your souls!!!)…In the meantime, I can also LEARN more (including how to become that Porn Guru!) from these Biggest Players’ Answers, and why not (or Ynot!?), make a decent buck by promoting “fukc” as an affiliate! 😉

I feel On Top...with a Porn Star on top of me, on the cover of AWB!

I feel On Top...with a Porn Star on top of me, On the cover of AWB! (P Diddy, will you hire me?)

Sven from AWB (Adult Webmaster Business), the German magazine for Adult Webmasters, was faster than me and got me interviewed in the Januray 2011 edition! It was a real pleasure to work with Sven, he was nice and helpful, very professional and gave me lots of new ideas! It’s always a great pleasure for me to meet and network with the Germans from the Adult Industry, especially that they have one of the biggest offer from Europe and world and you see lots of their companies and webmasters at any Adult International convention or fair!

With AWB I will meet again in February 2011 at The Barcelona Summit, where the most AWESOME news I got from Andreas is that the mix of participants is almost 50/50 as Companies & Affiliates that means that beside the B2B events, we will have also lots of “home workers on Internet for Adult Industry”, which is in fact my line of business and also the one of Adult Webmaster Business magazine!

The full interview can be downloaded with the magazine here as PDF format:

Buy FAST, I got only...3 bibles left!!!

Buy FAST, I got only...4 bibles left (on the right)!!!

Thanks again to Sven and to Mr Carsten Borgmeier, the media owner, for the opportunity of an interview and for the general quality informations that they offer with any edition of their magazine to the webmasters and Adult Industry! Their professionalism & seriosity defended as always the seal “Made in Germany” and offered me another hint why Germany has the greatest grow rate in 2010 from European Union!

PS. Ich Spreche Deutsch ein bisschen: Ich liebe die grossen kopulazionen und mein name ist Mr Boombsy-Boombsy! Komm her, Heidi! 😀

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