Let’s do Business!

I am open to hear different business offers and would like to link with people like:

Affiliate program managers

You have an affiliate program? I can advertise you in my Blog, Ebook, Sponsors list, Reports, Email Newsletter. It would be nice if you have also a Webmaster Referral program (many sites, have it, but not official), and even nicer if you recommand me in your Webmaster Resources area, where you can even get a commission (50% on all sales, 10% on webmaster referral).


You search for some good affiliate programs to promote & make (more) money? On my Blog you have some reviews, also check my Sponsors list from my ebook or my Free Reports. I recommand what I know: programs that I use and made me consistent amount of money. Some of the Managers for these programs I personally met them at different Adult Industry Events. And last, but not least, check my own affiliate program for my ebook which is run through CCBill.

Webcam Models/Performers & Studios

I work with the biggest sites for webcamsex, I recruit and help models, I offer advice for Studios owners.

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