Great success for “the Bible” at The Barcelona Summit, February 2011

As I stated in some posts, twits and forums, I took part at, from February 18 till 21, 2011. First of all, congratulations for the organizers Andreas & Walter for creating again a successful Online Etertainment event, full with VIPs from the industries of Gambling, Casinos & Adult Entertainment, many Seminars, networking sessions & parties, as well as, what I’m always interested more to meet: AFFILIATES! This summit, almost half of the participants were affiliates!

With Pearl Levy (Account executive) & Dana Eisner (Account manager) from

With Pearl Levy (Account executive) & Dana Eisner (Account manager) from (CDLC disco, Barcelona, made by MikeB-AdultWebLife's Facebook)

Adult Webmaster Bible was initially launched online in 2009, than went publicly at TheBarcelonaSummit in February 2010 as “Sexy marketing & Adult Marketing on Internet”. In September 2010 it appeared “Adult Webmaster Bible” as an answer to what I considered as a need for the Adult Industry: an ebook for beginners & intermediate adult webmasters, which in fact can be used by ANYBODY who enters in the adult industry and wants to learn FAST how the money are made on Internet in this industry!

with Bjorn Mulder from Dutch

with Bjorn Mulder from Dutch

The Barcelona Summit from February 2011 was practically the moment of the full recognition for the necessity and value that Adult Webmaster Bible brings it to the whole Adult Industry! The Bible was a total success because of:

– the interview in January 2011 folowed by the article in February, in Adult Webmaster Business – the German magazine for adult webmasters. Not only that my presence in AWB increased the Bible sales on German market, but also reached to many of my connections from Adult Industry and to even more new ones.

Sven Hansing from Adult Webmaster Business ( & Kilian Eckle (

Sven Hansing from Adult Webmaster Business ( & Kilian Eckle (

– although on the site of FubarWebmasters I enjoy a good presence since 2010, I’ve managed to appear also inside the printed magazine Fubar Timez, volume 6, issue 5 from 2011, pag 69. The same with AdultWebLife, with a big probability to make it also on the printed magazine which will cover the february summit.

– the most important thing was for sure the “live feedback” that Adult Webmaster Bible received it from all the people that I’ve contacted before, during and after the summit. As I said when I launched my ebook, it was a pleasure to see that many were reading my ebook on their laptops, tablets pc or printed, during their trip to Barcelona. During the 4 days event, I’ve distributed more than 20 ebooks on CDs, and in a few hours all disappeared, which makes me to bring at the next shows at least 100-200 CDs.

I love ladies!

More than 20 ebooks-CDs were distributed for free and many participants showed an interest to get it (I love ladies!:)

– “lust, but on list”, everybody from those present, were delighted by the idea of Adult Webmster Bible INTERVIEWS, in which not only that everybody involved in Online Entertainment will introduce their products and services, but will also answer some basics and very important questions like “How to do money on Internet with (Adult) Entertainemnt industry? Which are the latest trends? Tools and advices for beginners and advanced webmasters, business models recommended, etc”!

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