Don’t bite my boobs (I’m SO blonde)!

Different people understand different things when it comes to being PROVOCATIVE…You don’t need to be a Porn Star to make millions of people to jerk thinking about you…In fact, many of the “out of porn” stars (the so call “socialites”, you know, the kind of people that you ask yourself “Why media is talking about them?”) are more immoral than porn stars or have less intelligence or imaginacion…What Orit Fox was doing with the snakeĀ  was definately not Porn, but what in my ebook I call “Sexy Marketing”….

Kissing a snake on its tongue seems pretty lame to me and for the big boobed blondes who run out of ideas on how to attract the public attention, in a massive & intelligent way, I do recommend them to broaden their culture by reading books…including mine, where I do come with lots of ideas about “Sexy marketing”!

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