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In the “offline/outside/mainstream world”, sometimes I recommend myself as an Adult Webmaster, which to some is just an extra information that I am older than 18 (or 20, according to some jurisdictions), and to other that I’m into BDSM…“So, are you searching for…slaves?” That’s how we reach to the elementary (even basic) question:

What is an Adult Webmaster?

A definition that I’ve pretty much enjoyed it when I’ve read it was “that person who promotes adult products & services and can generate bi-weekly sales”! But, if we go more to the roots, adult webmasters are considered:

– in the beginings, were those programmers who were able to build an adult oriented site (mainly Porn). These guys had technical studies in (internet) programming languages like Html, Php, MySql (data base), Perl, etc. In the beginnings they were building and maintaining sites for companies involved in Adult Industry (sex shops, porn distributers, webcam sites, etc) or single porn stars. Some had even internet marketing skills like SEO, SEM or link exchange buildings.

– affiliates – the Affiliate Marketing made it nice & easy for the World Wide to promote Adult Industry and get a commission. It is called also Effective Marketing, because you get paid, only when a sale/recruiting/referr was made! That’s how we got adult bloggers, porn sites reviewers, webcam recruiters, webmaster referrals who started to send (huge) traffic to the adult business sites.

– the “Total Adult Webmasters” – are those “internet workers”, many of them working for themselves from home, some working for compnaies, who have wide knowledges, starting from building & maintaining a site and an affiliate program, promoting it on internet with SEO, SEM, Link Exchange building, paid traffic campains, and ending with the highly technical guys with wide knowledges about hardware, software, programming, cookies, browsers, data bases, etc! You can find them on the big forums about Internet Marketing or Adult Biz Boards where they share such technical details that you can’t be sure if they really know what they say or they’re just joking…(or “fucking around” 😉

Because many consider that Adult Webmasters and Adult Affiliates are the same, I like to think that in this category we can include those guys who are not only able to generate bi-weekly sales for the programs they promote, but also to receive bi-weekly payments (it is considered a “standard” in the industry, that affiliates to be paid every 2 weeks, although some pay weekly, by cheques, bank transfers, Payoneer type cards or even Paypal types services). Anyway, as affiliates are paid only if they sell, and generally on % commission, we can agree that ….every adult affiliate matters and can be included in the adult webmasters category!

Statistics of Adult Webmasters

I have to admit that I’ve never read or seen any statistics about Adult Webmasters on Internet or any magazine…Does it exist any published statistics, or I am the FIRST who try to get one? Anyway, this statistics will be updated with all the new infos that I can get (so don’t forget to Subscribe to our RSS feed to get the news 🙂


I may be considered a sexist (pig), but it seems that the greatest majority of Adult webmasters are MEN! Can I say 99%?

Where they came from?

Sexual orientation

How many adult webmasters are?

(under construcion 🙂

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