Interview – Svetlana from Alcuda

Adult Webmaster Bible Interview: Svetlana Bondar from Alcuda – Adult Internet Dating sites & affiliate program.

AdultWebmasterBible: Who are you Svetlana, and what did you do before Alcuda?
I am a Marketing Director of Alcuda Ltd. We operate a number of adult dating and niche sites –,,, and some others. I used to work for Easydate Ltd; I joined them back in 2007 as a support manager and worked my way up to the position of Senior Marketing Manager. Easydate had already been on the dating market for 7 years when I joined them, so it was great experience for me to start my career there. Now I can apply all my knowledge of promoting adult dating sites when working for Alcuda.

AdultWebmasterBible: Give us a short introduction to what Alcuda offers.
Alcuda offers dating services for like-minded people, whether they are up for serious relationships or just fun. Our sites offer great features for member interaction – text, video and audio chat services, email, winks, Ice breakers, Flirtcasts and much more. These features increase communication on the site considerably, and the site always has active members. This is also really good for conversion rates as people can see what they are paying for and stay with the site.
If talking about a B2B side, Alcuda has multiple offers here too! Affiliate programs offer PPL, PPS, revenue share and hybrid (PPL+PPS) programs. It’s really easy to join and start earning with us. We also have a white label dating platform where our partners may launch their own dating site and drive traffic to it; in this case only revenue share will be applicable. The more traffic the partner drives to us, the higher the revenue share he or she gets – everything is pretty simple and transparent.
Check out our Affiliate Program to get a better idea about affiliates and WL platform.

AdultWebmasterBible: For how long have you been working with Alcuda and what makes them a good company to work for?
I have been working for Alcuda for a little more than a year and I have really become ‘addicted’ to it. On the one hand, I am constantly receiving success stories from members who have found what they were looking for — it’s such a great feeling! On the other hand, we have a lot of partners that we try to take care of. Our partners’ success has a direct influence on our own, so we try to treat everyone with equal attention and help them earn as much as they can.

Svetlana Bondar (Alcuda) & Luca (AdultWebmasterBIBLE) @ TheBarcelonaSummit, February 2011

Svetlana Bondar (Alcuda) & Luca (AdultWebmasterBIBLE) @ TheBarcelonaSummit, February 2011

AdultWebmasterBible: How would you describe the ideal consumer of online dating and adult dating services (age, salary, sex, education, etc)?
I would say that the ideal user of an online dating site would be a man over 35 years old, single or divorced, sexually active and looking for earthy pleasures. This is what an ideal converting customer is. Because the younger generation are not a generation of ‘buyers’; they may find anything they want on the net for free. Older people have their own taste and trust paid services more, whether it’s dating or anything else.

AdultWebmasterBible: What are the main trends in the dating and adult dating online industries?
Online dating is becoming more and more popular; the online dating market shows stable growth each year and it is likely to grow further. For sites like ours that use their own platforms and treat their partners with due respect, dating opens up great opportunities in this area.

AdultWebmasterBible: How important are affiliates for Alcuda? Give us some statistics about your affiliates: number, countries, age, sex, education, average earnings per month/affiliate.
Affiliates are always important for a serious business. We offer reliable programs for partners; they get paid for what they earn and get their payouts regularly. The main thing in affiliate business is trust — our affiliates trust us and we hope they will spread the word about our programs.
It’s really hard to describe a typical affiliate profile; the most important thing is that the affiliate wants to earn. We help them in choosing the creative’s, target audience and other details that  help to increase conversions. Our affiliates come from Eastern and Western Europe, the USA, India and other countries; they are of no specific age or race.
As for the earnings, there might be a split between  so-called ‘whale’ affiliates who earn over 25k pounds monthly and adult webmasters who earn under 2-3k a month.

AdultWebmasterBible: What is your main advice for a beginner affiliate who wants to be successful with Alcuda? What business models should be used, and what kind of free traffic and paid traffic sites, as well as learning resources, would you recommend?
If the affiliate has his own resource like a dating site or a blog, where he or she can start promotion without investing further money, this would be a perfect start. If not, there are plenty of ad networks that sell traffic, where the partner may buy it and send it to our sites. It’s just a matter of traffic pricing to see if such a campaign would be successful. There are also a lot of email marketers who make huge amounts of money with us; the most important thing is not to spam, but send the offers to an opt-in database of members who are really interested in receiving dating offers.
Regarding the program that should be chosen: it’s entirely up to the affiliate. Most affiliates want fast money and join PPL programs where they get paid for leads they bring to us. They do not have to wait until the lead is converted to a subscription, and they are happy to see an increasing commission each day. But if you have  really targeted dating traffic, it’s better to go for PPS programs where you’ll get paid for every upgraded customer. Believe me, targeted traffic converts like crazy!

AdultWebmasterBible: What advice you have for experienced affiliates?
Most  experienced webmasters are unlikely to try  new things; they usually stick to the programs that they have been working with for years. I’d advise they give it a try and join attractive programs as they may bring them more than the current sponsor.

AdultWebmasterBible: Let’s talk about is it a White Label? If yes, of what site? How do business models work there? is a white label site set up on the ImLive platform. As you can see, this webcam site is fully branded to the main site and looks like a complimentary service to this site. Moreover, it’s integrated with a 1-click registration, tab menus, and ‘who’s on livecam’ tabs, etc. The member may stay on the site and find anyone to start a webcam chat with – the choice is tremendous! Girls and couples, Caucasians and blacks, straight and gay, you may even choose a partner who is addicted to fetish.

AdultWebmasterBible: What do you expect from the Barcelona Summit in February 2011?
Well, I am really eager to see the partners we are already working with and, sure thing, make new business contacts.

AdultWebmasterBible: What forums or sites do you use to recruit affiliates?
We run B2B ad campaigns on multiple sites and webmaster forums:,,,,, and others.

AdultWebmasterBible: Do you consider e-books a good learning resource for affiliates/webmasters? Why? How many e-books for Adult Webmasters have you heard of or read? Which ones would you recommend?
E-books are a good learning resource for sure. The beginner may read about the main methods of traffic generation and monetizing it with various programs, get links he may start working with, read some tips and advice on better usage of the resources… Reading advice is always useful. You may either try and lose, or get to know about the experiences of other people and draw helpful conclusions.

AdultWebmasterBible: What do you think about the Adult Webmaster’s Bible? What would you change, add or recommend regarding the information, its chapters, format, price, and selling channels, etc?
I think this is a great resource, Luca, you did a great job! You managed to cover a lot of the aspects of adult dating life and business. You know how it works for the affiliates and from the inside. You describe ‘sexy marketing’ so well that I almost subscribed to the link you provided there.  By the way, the only thing I would change is the link to affiliate programs; they should lead to ALCUDA! 😉

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Adult Webmaster – Definition & Statistics


In the “offline/outside/mainstream world”, sometimes I recommend myself as an Adult Webmaster, which to some is just an extra information that I am older than 18 (or 20, according to some jurisdictions), and to other that I’m into BDSM…“So, are you searching for…slaves?” That’s how we reach to the elementary (even basic) question:

What is an Adult Webmaster?

A definition that I’ve pretty much enjoyed it when I’ve read it was “that person who promotes adult products & services and can generate bi-weekly sales”! But, if we go more to the roots, adult webmasters are considered:

– in the beginings, were those programmers who were able to build an adult oriented site (mainly Porn). These guys had technical studies in (internet) programming languages like Html, Php, MySql (data base), Perl, etc. In the beginnings they were building and maintaining sites for companies involved in Adult Industry (sex shops, porn distributers, webcam sites, etc) or single porn stars. Some had even internet marketing skills like SEO, SEM or link exchange buildings.

– affiliates – the Affiliate Marketing made it nice & easy for the World Wide to promote Adult Industry and get a commission. It is called also Effective Marketing, because you get paid, only when a sale/recruiting/referr was made! That’s how we got adult bloggers, porn sites reviewers, webcam recruiters, webmaster referrals who started to send (huge) traffic to the adult business sites.

– the “Total Adult Webmasters” – are those “internet workers”, many of them working for themselves from home, some working for compnaies, who have wide knowledges, starting from building & maintaining a site and an affiliate program, promoting it on internet with SEO, SEM, Link Exchange building, paid traffic campains, and ending with the highly technical guys with wide knowledges about hardware, software, programming, cookies, browsers, data bases, etc! You can find them on the big forums about Internet Marketing or Adult Biz Boards where they share such technical details that you can’t be sure if they really know what they say or they’re just joking…(or “fucking around” 😉

Because many consider that Adult Webmasters and Adult Affiliates are the same, I like to think that in this category we can include those guys who are not only able to generate bi-weekly sales for the programs they promote, but also to receive bi-weekly payments (it is considered a “standard” in the industry, that affiliates to be paid every 2 weeks, although some pay weekly, by cheques, bank transfers, Payoneer type cards or even Paypal types services). Anyway, as affiliates are paid only if they sell, and generally on % commission, we can agree that ….every adult affiliate matters and can be included in the adult webmasters category!

Statistics of Adult Webmasters

I have to admit that I’ve never read or seen any statistics about Adult Webmasters on Internet or any magazine…Does it exist any published statistics, or I am the FIRST who try to get one? Anyway, this statistics will be updated with all the new infos that I can get (so don’t forget to Subscribe to our RSS feed to get the news 🙂


I may be considered a sexist (pig), but it seems that the greatest majority of Adult webmasters are MEN! Can I say 99%?

Where they came from?

Sexual orientation

How many adult webmasters are?

(under construcion 🙂