The Barcelona Summit: September 2010 & News for February 2011

With every edition, The Barcelona Summit proves that it’s one of the top events for the Adult Industry in Europe (maybe the biggest and most important), which can bring together lots of the major players from all over the world!

There are many things I’ve enjoyed at the Summit from September 2010:

– lots of fun!

I love the party atmosphere from this Adult Industry conference: everybody is relaxed, smiling, no pushy sellers, no tensed business negociations, people are having fun, having a drink, enjoying a meal together, go to discos, dance…and, between all of these, free discussions about: What do you like in Adult Industry? What new ideas you have to increase the indutry revenues? and last, but not least: “By the way, what’s your line of business?” 🙂

– lots of business contacts, seminars & new ideas!

It was so nice to meet again some of the people I’ve met before at other Adult Business events.It’s nice to see that people remember your name & business. With some we’ve managed to know each other better and also saw many new names (new for me, or even new in the business). Very good is that at this event you can learn a lot from different persons. I’ve done my best to participate in almost all Seminars (I’m highly interested in those about Paid traffic & SEO) & Speed Networking, so I can learn about all the participants & companies, what services & products they offer, how can I joint venture with them and which are the latest trends. I’m a Romanian and I’m so happy every time I meet other Romanians at this events, because normally you see lots of Germans, British, French, Dutch & Americans. Some of the Romanians were with businesses in Payments, other with Webcams sites & studios, and even met 2 Romanian webmasters which were well known by the AWE team for their sales.

– amazing hotel & location!

Very good Hotel to host the venue: Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa. We were near the sea, so we’ve enjoyed the Mediteranean life style, including food, drinks (wine Sangre de toro & sangria), good music and…LA FIESTAAAA….:)

– AWESOME weather;

We hanged out a lot on the teraces of the hotel and of the bars & restaurants around, eating tapas, food sea & drinking sangria or tequila.

Many thanks to JFK from FubarWebmasters, to Lloyd from PimpsPromo and to MikeB from AdultWebLife for making me so many fotos and uploading them on their highly known sites!

The Barcelona Summit from September 2010, was again as every edition: FABULOUS!!!! BEYOUND WORDS!!!! A must be for any person involved in Adult Industry: companies, models, affiliates, webmasters, newbies & professionals!

Looking forward to attending the Summit from 18-21 February 2011, where, beside new surprises from Andreas Bischoff & Walter,  one of the best improvement is to invite lots of Affiliates – Webmasters, who can enter for FREE!!!

Hope to see again all the participants & to meet new names, learn new things, having fun and make lots of business!