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When I started my project with the ebook about “How to make money online, working from home, with the Adult Industry” I was searching for a site name which to best describe what I do…I thought of combinations with “” or “” but I didn’t agree, because earning money on internet from home with Adult Industry is much-much larger than creating or promoting-selling Porn (Ex. Nonadult webcam shows or Sexual Education, are Adult oriented without being Porn). 

Later on it came to me the idea of “”, but the word JOBS seemed more credible for at least 2 reasons:

– in times of Crisis when unemployment grows, people search for JOBS;

– also in Good Times, people seek for Jobs, more than they think about starting a Business. As I write in my ebook, it seems that we are born and educated in a society with “Worker Mentality” and little as “Entrepreneur”. Finding a Job is considered Realistic, while creating a Business is for “Dreamers”. Beside that “there’s no worse time to start a business than in times of Crisis”! 🙂

I considered it “more than honest” to CHEAT my customers (Don’t forget that I’m Eastern European…) that I’ll help them find “work on Internet”, but in the end to offer them much more than Jobs: their own Business! It’s one of the most important lessons that I’ve learnt from one of the greatest Internet Marketing Guru: To Over-Deliver (exceed your customers’ expectations by giving them more than what your business promises)!

All nice & sweet, only that when I introduced to the Adult Industry, everybody was thinking that I’m into Human Resources / Recruiting business, which I was not! So I thought that I should clarify it by labeling it “Adult Webmaster Ebook”. In my early searches for a GOOD or THE BEST ebook for Adult Webmasters, I couldn’t find one credible enough, complete & highly recommended by the Industry Players, so I believed that there was time for the Adult Webmaster Bible to be born!

So, I promote the same product in 2 different ways:

– for the Mainstream I am – How to make money working from home on Internet with Adult Industry;

– for the Adult Industry I am “Adult Webmaster Bible”, where I target more than just the Webmasters, because in these days, more and more Porn Actors & Actresses become their own Internet Promoter/Webmasters. Beside that, many exhibitionists or hobby bloggers can learn how to easily “make some buck while they fuck”, combining Pleasure with Money,without being effectively Adult Webmasters.

For Sinners Only! In Adult We Trust! Learn the prayers and see your earnings going up to the Holly Sky! The Adult Webmaster Bible ...there is only ONE! From now on, you don't need to ask God for cash, we'll teach you how to get it EASY! ;)