Is PlayBoy dead? Beth Williams & Eva Cifrová remind me why I got into Porn

The home made porn movies, are a threat for the “old” Adult Industry…But movies like these that I’ve found the other days on PlayBoy UK, are pretty difficult to realise @ home:

Amazing! Amazing!! Amazing!!!

I’ve heard that AdultFriendFinder wants to buy Playboy these days…So it seems that the Internet Players set the rules for the “Offline Classic Businesses”…:)

Middle Men Movie – The guys who brought the XXX to the WWW

Back in 1995, many owned a VCR, music was still sold through stores, and the world-wide-web was a new funny discovery. Jack Harris (Luke Wilson) had the perfect life: a nice family and a successful business fixing problem companies. Then he met Wayne Beering (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck Dolby (Gabriel Macht), two genius but trouble makers, who had invented the way adult entertainment is sold over the internet. When Jack agrees to help steer their business, he soon finds himself caught between a 23 year-old porn star and the FBI all the while becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of his time.

As I said also in the comment left on the official video trailer: The next big hit movie will be about the Affiliates who started small businesses from their home (with only a PC & an Internet connection) and transformed them into multi-million WWW Empires!!!

PS…the movie is created by the owner of Epassporte – Christopher Mallick.