The European Adult Industry Summit from Barcelona was a FANTASTIC experience!

Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!!

I had a lot of fun, met a lot of people, made a lot of Industry connections (professionals, webmasters, leaders), learnt A LOT, prelaunched & validated my book “Sexy Marketing & Adult Marketing on Internet”:

I’ve had the chance to introduce my book to many Industry players and I was nicely surprised to see how many found my ideas GREAT! In fact, my first release was entirely validated by the Industry at this European Summit and many participants offered me good reviews for my book (some are on videos, others will appear soon on my selling page). There were so many who wanted to have copies of my book, and even some who wanted to buy it, which confirmed me for another time that I’ve came with a product that the Industry really NEEDS: a book who can offer an overview of the main methods that money are earned by the Adult Businesses on Internet!

But my greatest achievement at this Summit was that after just 3 days of business talks, seminars, meetings, fun & business lunches, I ended up loaded with new ideas for launching new projects, new ways of advertising & I’ve discovered new horizons for the Adult Webmasters world.

 Many thanks for the guys from & for taking me the pictures and offering me different ways of cooperation:

– 1st day Summit, waiting in the line for the Registration – Victory;

drinks & business with;

my camera & ebook CD;

in the disco at the Epoch party, 1st night;

the seminar about Payments; 

network lunch with;

with Harmik Gharepetian (Epoch) & MO (RIVcash);

– with Joan Irvine – CEO of

Nice to see that I appear also in a recently official video uploaded on Youtube. During Harmik Gharepetian’s interview, you can see me on the left speaking with Nick Amoroso from Hustler about my ebook (minute 1:02), and later when Derek Meklir from Playboy shares his impressions about the Summit I was passing in the backside with Joan Irvine (min 3:10).


I’ve recorded myself many parts of the event, one video you can see it already on Youtube, but soon I’ll add all of them (although I’m affraid that YouTube will delete the Adult Webmasters events….and I can lose my work. I’d better try an adult oriented tube!):

Looking forward to see all of the participants again, in Autumn!!!!!!!!!

PS. Thanks to all the organizers, sponsors and special thanks to RIVcash & MO, I really believe we can have more fun & more biz together!!!

PornHub offers Jobs now, not only Adult Entertainment!

At the beginning of “The Crisis” I was reading on Yahoo News that American men who lost their jobs started to spend more time on Adult sites and PornHub registered increased traffic…

Now it seems that Americans are searching also for Jobs on Pornhub, beside the classic Adult Entertainment:


Jobs available at Pornhub are in porn industry, but some surfers are curious also how they can work in the videochat part of the site:

Life sucks…Fuck the Crisis! 🙂